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Access & Opportunity is committed to recruiting, retaining and developing a diverse workforce and talent pool.  Access & Opportunity Welcomes You To Explore the Careers that are Available in Central Pennsylvania.


Dauphin County is a destination hub that offers a great quality of life from Harrisburg to Hershey, with easy access to Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York and Washington.  We invite you to make Dauphin County your destination.

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2018 Speakers: Access & Opportunity Breakfast Hershey
 Jeff Haste Chairman Dauphin County
Board of Commissioners & Melanie Harrington President & CEO Vibrant Pittsburgh

About Access & Opportunity

In the year 2000, corporations in the region requested the creation of a diversity and inclusion career fair to be paired with The Re. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast for business and industry.   With the changing demographics, it was their determination that this type of recruitment fair was needed in order to better facilitate the hiring of a diverse workforce and talent. The initial request began with the Milton Hershey School. This led to the participation of Penn State Hershey S. Medical Center (now Penn State Health), The Hershey Company, Hershey Entertainment & Resorts. These companies were attending similar events in larger markets hence the recommendation to create a similar model in the Capital Region.

Currently, what began as a small career fair has evolved into a three part regional convening of leaders known as the Access & Opportunity Breakfast Series with participation from corporations, colleges and universities, governmental entities, chambers and community based organizations.

Access & Opportunity is committed to recruiting, retaining and developing a culturally diverse and inclusive workforce and talent pool.  Creating a paradigm of inclusion based on best practices and collaboration that supports economic development and economic inclusion is fundamental to the initiative.

Vera Cornish is a renowned speaker, publisher, and empowerment strategist!

Vera Cornish Founder Access & Opportunity

Imagine a life that begins with Fast Black and June Bug driving in a pink Cadillac across the hills of Pennsylvania! Well, her life was not an easy path, full of adversity, full or challenges and roadblocks, but through it all, Vera Cornish never stopped dreaming!​

In her new book, Dare to Dream with Vera Cornish, Vera takes us on a journey through her life…the difficult childhood, the pain the loss into an exciting and inspiring career including higher education and running a successful media empire…Vera knows the highs of the highs and the lows of the lows.​

Have you stopped dreaming? Do you need to dream again? What are you committed to and what dream will you accomplish in this great adventure called ‘Life’!

​Well, join Vera on her adventure through the adversity, but on the road to purpose, joy, fulfillment, contentment and a life worth living.

​As she always say, “This is Vera Cornish and I DARE YOU TO DREAM”!

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